Brighton September 2021 - out at last !

Community Suppers 2019 great fun !

2018 Highlights

Xmas lunch 2018 thank you CAPCO

thank you Waitrose for your kind donation !

Bollywood Ben ! EFFECT supper Nov 2018

BBQ summer 2018

Lovely day out Brighton 2018

Marilyn gets everyone singing EFFECT supper June 2018

Pupils from Soho Parish are champions at Smartphone Thursday !!

Tomaso - our subject for the Still Life Art Class at the EFFECT supper May 2018

EFFECT Supper May 2018 - "Still Life - a contortionist"

The Guys at Pizza Express donate some Pizzas for our EFFECT Art Supper May 2018

Bollywood demo EFFECT April 2018

thank YOU guys for donating burgers for our Soho EFFECT supper !!!

Ollie from Healthy Hearts passes on the Knowledge at EFFECT Supper Mar18

EFFECT Supper Mar 18

Sandringham Smartphone Session Feb 2018

Smartphone Thursday is One Year Old !! Feb 2018

Christmas 2017 - thank you Capco!

Little Italy Xmas Lunch - thank you Capco !

Little Italy Xmas Lunch - thank you Capco !!

on the terrace at Buckingham Palace

Free Ice Cream from our Newest Neighbours Ben & Jerrys