PACT - Putting Advertising And Communities Together

The SOHO PACT is a partnership between the West End Community Trust and VIDI Outdoor CIC which is a community interest company (see full details below) . Its aim is to secure and arrange outdoor advertising displays, the net revenues of which are split 50:50 between VIDI Outdoor CIC and local community not for profit organisations.

The Objects of VIDI Outdoor CIC are as follows: -

To carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to generate income for charitable organizations and local community initiatives in the London area:

(i) through outdoor advertising revenues from sites under construction.

(ii) through using downtime on sites when there is no commercial advertising

(iii) by providing advertising displays for local charities that would not otherwise be able to get such exposition

(iv) by using opportunities available at or through events, programs, activities etc

VIDI Outdoor CIC

Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Assocation and other Incorporation Documents

Download incorp_documents.pdf...

The SOHO PACT benefits everyone:


The SOHO PACT helps Landlords meet their CSR or social investment targets by generating revenues for local charities whilst earning revenue for themselves and improving the appearance of their development construction sites. Working with us can improve a landlord's relationship with a Local Authority by helping to meet their local strategic agenda. Longer-term benefits can accrue for landlords as they are seen as making a positive contribution to the local communities where the advertising is displayed, whilst also increasing company returns and shareholder value.


Working with SOHO PACT will provide Media Agencies with previously unavailable prime outdoor advertising opportunities and it will raise awareness amongst their client advertisers, about local community needs.


Councils seek to represent the interests of the communities they serve. The SOHO PACT is a way of sharing the profits from temporary advertising hoardings and using it to promote local organizations that are working to actively improve their communities. We support Councils in meeting their local strategic agenda by directly funding community organizations and charities, which meet pressing needs.


Working in collaboration with local councils, property owners, media agencies and local charities, SOHO PACT ensures that the protective hoardings which are a necessary part of most developments offset their local impact by allowing carefully chosen temporary commercial advertising that not only covers up a construction site but crucially generates profits which local community organisations can benefit from. The images displayed would make a short term but colourful addition to the activity of the local community street scene.


Commercial messages Blue Chip companies such as BT, Vodafone, Samsung, British Airways, Apple, Lloyds, BBC

London West End messages Messages that promote current activities, upcoming events and projects within the West End community

When there is no commercial advertising, VIDI Outdoor would provide free advertising that would promote community activities.

Adverts will not be displayed within the following categories: Tobacco, Nudity, Religion, and Politics


Please download the Policy Document below and contact neil at for any questions or feedback you might have about the SOHO PACT


Download pact_policy_first_draftmbv4_circulation_1.docx...