Bollywood Ben !

Ben showing us how it's done...

A little garden transformed............

Final session of 2017 - "Smartphone Thursday"

Smartphone Thursday

Hear what Winnie learned today.........


Helping older members of the Community with their Smartphones

Another happy customer !!

EFFECT supper - "Celebrating Life" - 29 September 2016

Day Trip to Brighton Tuesday 12th July 2016

Places limited - call Viola now...07502 106713

EFFECT evening four - Lusophone Theme - 17th April 2015

EFFECT evening three - Italian Theme - 20th March 2015

EFFECT evening two - Lebanese Theme 20th February 2015

EFFECT evening one - Scottish Theme 23rd January 2015

EMBRACE - evening three 9th June 2014

..........Happy Birthday to us !!!

Live from the Empire Casino Leicester Square 18th Feb 2014

Soho Community BBQ 2013

have a peep !

EFFECT - English Theme

Cracking night !

EFFECT - Spanish Theme

EFFECT - Chinese Theme

Soho Parish Community Christmas Party 2012

EFFECT - Bangladeshi Theme

Helen talks about our first supper

WISH Seminar Three

West End Intergenerational Seminars on Health - Fats

A little word from the Soho Parish School presenters and participants following the third of six seminars on health topics

WISH week 6

"Making the Right Choices"

A short excerpt from the children's presentation to the older folks lunch club at St Anne's Dean Street

WISH sneak preview

have a look at what Jasmine and Isadora have to say about their presentation

the WISH project (West End Intergenerational Seminars on Health) started on Thursday 19th April when Isadora, Jasmine , Umaymah, Fowse, Jimmy and Elizabeth gave a FANTASTIC presentation on Fruit and Veg and their importance in our diets to the older folk at the Thursday lunch club

Tea Dance 2012

Dancing, laughter and more...

Everyone had a brilliant time

Soho Community Barbeque 2011

What the residents had to say !!!!

Community Events

The Dragon Hall Sunday Night Jazz Bash

Brass Volcanoes. Dragon Hall, Stukeley Street in Covent Garden. Graham Hughes (bouncy souzaphone player, superb crooner, great sound on both trombone and bass trumpet) and Andy Williamson (tenor and Scottish madness) put on this great thing once a month on Sunday nights at the Dragon Hall in Covent Garden. It's simply outrageous fun. How can one describe it? It's a sort of mad party with a New Orleans Marching Band which does excursions into Reggae and Soul and Jaco Pastorius's Chicken. Atmosphere. Dancers of all ages. And ridiculously cheap food. Last time the whole band decided, spontaneously, that they were going to play lying down among the dancers on the dance floor. And at another point Andy W decided there had to be at least one other entrance into the building and took half the audience out in the street as a conga with him leading it on tenor from the front to find it....