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Needs Assessment shows Poverty in Soho

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"Connecting and empowering the West End Community"

We have four strategic goals : -

Enhance community cohesion across all generations and cultures in the West End

Residents of the West End are healthier and happier

Every resident eats better for less and knows their entitlements

Raise enough funds to ensure we are able to achieve our objectives

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The Soho Caring Agencies Forum was formed at the start of the new millennium in 2001. Local community leaders, including Rev. Claire Herbert, the rector of St Anne’s Church, Soho, and Chris Best, chief executive of the Soho Housing Association, felt that there was a need for a network of those involved in the neighbourhood to get together from time to time. This would enable them to share ideas, talk over problems and work together to improve the lives of people living and working in Soho. Meetings were initially held every two months.

Neil Drinkwater joined as part-time administrator of the forum in 2006, but, two years later, the chair of the forum had to retire due to ill health, which left Neil running the forum. By this time, overall membership had increased to around 60.

It was around that time that the West End Time Bank was formed and Neil became project manager, assisted by a part-time Time Broker.

He and the scheme’s members identified a need for an entity to be formed to direct and manage projects, and, consequently, The West End Community Trust was incorporated and registered as a UK charity in 2010.

The four trustees were chosen for their experience in combining successful careers in commercial enterprise with work for charitable causes

Fiona Rhys-Jenkins Bailey

Fiona is a language lecturer at Westminster Kingsway College in Peter Street Soho where she has worked for over 20 years. She is a Vice President of the Soho Society and was also Chair of the Society for three years from 2006. She is passionate about Soho and has taught English to most of the waiters and waitresses who work in the area !

Ken White

Ken lives with his wife in Brewer Street. Since retiring from the police in 2003 in his own words “ I have swanned around Soho being a general busy-body, namely, after 15 years on the board of Soho Housing (Association) I now act as a volunteer, hoping to liaise between our various stakeholders; member of the Soho Neighbourhood Forum Steering Group; chairman of the resident’s association of the block of flats where I live; a trustee of Soho Green (a local charity that works with the council and church to maintain St Ann’s churchyard gardens, Wardour St); and a director of Safer London (a business crime reduction partnership)”

Nigel Troup

Nigel has worked in various business development roles over the last 35 years, covering the insurance,recruitment,advertising,foreign exchange and utility sectors following four years as a junior banking administrator with three international banks. More recently over the last 14 years he has spent a considerable amount of time establishing a contact base through business networking, which has proven an invaluable source of help, guidance and new business opportunities. He is married and lives just 15 miles from Soho in North Kent.

Jennifer Davis

The Trust runs a weekly workshop helping people understand their Smartphones better. keeps in touch with more isolated and vulnerable residents and stages a series of Community Events - see below:

Community Events


Neil Drinkwater - Trust Manager

07768 907525 neil at westendcommunitytrust.org.uk

Viola Etienne - Trust Coordinator

07502 106713 viola at westendcommunitytrust.org.uk